A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.”
~ Andre Maurois

Dr. Scheckner has years of experience assisting couples navigate a course through difficult times. Are you are struggling with a breakdown of trust, like infidelity or another violation, or going through major life changes that challenge your relationship? Is parenting together proving more difficult than you expected? Is your relationship beginning to feel more disconnected? Are problems outside the marriage – at work, with family – causing stress within? Are you stuck in a rut and ready for something new? Or do you just want to learn to communicate more effectively with each other?

Couples therapy with Dr. Scheckner can advise you on the best ways to break the cycles that keep your relationship from becoming the best it can be. She’ll teach you better ways to communicate, to be heard and to listen. As a licensed family therapist, she can provide a new, fresh perspective that could help your relationship flourish again.

*Dr.Scheckner provides counsel to couples of any sexual orientation.