familycounselingDr. Scheckner has specialized in family counseling in the Tampa area for over seven years. She has been featured on television news programs as an expert in her field, and for good reason. Her expertise in therapy for parents and children includes assisting with parenting skills, conflict resolution, divorce mediation, and any issues related to helping families interact more positively with each other.

Parenting Skills

Parenting is a difficult job, and even the best parents may occasionally find themselves facing a challenge that they don’t know how to overcome. Children, younger and older, can have trouble expressing their feelings effectively. That is why trained therapists, like Dr. Scheckner, employ various counseling strategies to assist in encouraging open and honest conversation. Those methods range from play, music, and art therapy, to relaxation/mediation therapies for adults and children.

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be a very expensive proposition, both emotionally and financially. Dr. Scheckner offers counseling for families – parents and children – to help them navigate through a difficult time. Healthier break-ups tend to have lower costs to all parties, and seeking assistance from a therapist can help all of those involved to maintain focus on finding the most positive possible outcome. Divorce attorneys are still a part of the process, but they are not trained to limit adversarial relationships, and some may actually benefit when things get ugly. Dr. Scheckner can avoid ugliness and limit to collateral damage of divorce.

Conflict Resolution

Dr. Schecker can help individuals and families learn the most effective ways to deal with conflict. Whether its, peer conflict, relationship conflict, parental conflict, or conflict within the family, Dr. Scheckner helps those involved to find their own ways to create the most positive resolutions for the conflicts they encounter.

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Grief and loss happens in every person’s life. Young and old alike. Coping with the lost of a parent, a child, a grand parent, or any close relationship is a long and involved process. Dr. Schecker is trained to guide people of all ages through the stages of grief and to finding a positive emotional space for those who survive.