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Play Therapy can help parents and children communicate.

What do children think about? How can we better understand the things our children want to tell us? And how can we use what we know about our kids thoughts to help raise well-adjusted children? Play therapy, art, and music therapy are all techniques used by children’s therapy professionals to help kids communicate their experiences and feelings in a healthy, healing way.

Dr. Scheckner uses play therapy as a way to offer children a comfortable, safe environment in which they can express themselves through natural, self-lead processes.

Dr. Scheckner uses some of these tested and respected therapy methods to help parents and children better understand each others wants and needs.

Play Therapy

Children understand their world differently than adults. One way young kids can safely and naturally express complex inner thoughts and feelings is through play. Play, whether monitored or not, is one way kids learn to accept themselves for who they are in relation to others. Play therapists use this method because it allows a child to manipulate his or her world on a smaller scale.

Play, Art and Music Therapy Resources: