For Yourself

Individual Therapy in Tampa Bay

Individual Counseling

Dr. Scheckner is a licensed and trained therapist with experience in providing the best directions to finding your best you.

Self-help experts sell millions of books to people looking for a happier life. But techniques found in books require people to accurately diagnose their issues. Self-examination is certainly healthy and important, but an outside perspective offers you the chance to gain even deeper insights and more effective individual therapy solutions. This is particularly true when you receive help from a counselor that has been trained to help individuals reach their full potential.

Find Light in the Darkness

Depression Counseling

If you are struggling to find happiness in your life, you are not alone. You may be one of the many people suffering from depression. Depression counseling can help you move beyond your sadness and find your way back to joy.
Reclaim Your Joy

General Anxiety Counseling

Untreated anxiety can take the joy out of some of the best times in your life. Our lives are filled with both challenges and successes. Don't let stress and worry take any more of your happiness. Let us help you reclaim your joy today.
Master Your Emotions

Anger Management

Anger Management is a valuable skill that can make you happier and improves your personal and professional relationships.
Enrich Your Social Life

Building Social Skills

Human beings are social by nature. It’s no wonder that having strong social skills tends to make people happier and more successful in their lives. The recognition of the importance of our interpersonal interactions can also cause us to suffer some social anxiety.

Job Coaching

Whatever your career goals are, it’s beneficial to bring your best you to the negotiating table. Job Coaching helps you identify professional strengths, polish networking and interviewing skills, escape a career rut, and gain the extra confidence boost you need to attain the career of your dreams.