Stacey SchecknerDr. Scheckner holds advanced degrees in Counseling (PHD) and Education (MS). She achieved a minor in music while also completing a dual major in Psychology and Education (BA).

So, how does all this advanced study make a difference to Dr. Scheckner’s clients? It means she has been trained to the highest possible level by the most experienced professionals in education and mental health care. It means she can help you — safely and professionally — unlock your full potential. Find out how you can do more in your career, work through a difficult divorce, raise mentally and physically healthy children, and just get the most out of your life.

Dr. Scheckner has dedicated her life study to finding the best ways to help other people. She has a sincere desire to open up your world, remove blocks, and unlock hidden potential. Make an appointment today to start exploring a new you!

Dr. Scheckner has been working as a licensed therapist in Florida for over 10 years, and has been located in the South Tampa area since 2006. Find out more about her experience and the services she provides.

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Full Educational Credentials


(Combined Program in Counseling Psychology & School Psychology)

Florida State University College of Education
Department of Human Services and Studies
Major Professor: Dr. Steve Rollin
Dissertation Topic: School Violence Prevention
Tallahassee, Florida February 2004

Masters of Science and Specialist in Education

(Counseling and Human Services)

Florida State University College of Education
Department of Human Services and Studies
Major Professor: Dr. Steve Rollin
Thesis Topic: Adolescent Female Gender Role Influences
Tallahassee, Florida May 2000

Bachelor of Arts

(Dual Major in Psychology and Education with Minor in Music (Piano))

Washington University
Major Professor: Dr. Richard Kurtz
Independent Research: Hypnosis Studies
St. Louis, Missouri December 1995

Continuing Education


  • Southeastern Eating Disorders Conference
  • Florida Psychological Association Conference (4 hours)
  • Southeast Eating Disorder Conference (18 hours)

Continuing Education


  • American Institute of Medical Education Conference (18 hours)

Continuing Education


  • Leadership is Everyone’s Business
  • An Introduction to Behavioral Sleep Medicine
  • Healthcare Reform, the DSM-V and Other Changes Affecting Child and Family Psychologists
  • Law 101 (and beyond) for Psychologists
  • Responsible Psychological Practice
  • Common Psychopharmacological Errors: What Are They and How to Prevent Them?
  • Healthcare Reform: The Dilemma of Being Special
  • Relationships in the Information Age: Women’s Choices and Challenges
  • Adolescent Culpability and the Supreme Court-Challenges to the Use of Social Science in Advocacy
  • Psychologist and Parent-Seeking a Healthy Balance
  • Therapy for the Therapists-Empirical Findings, Personal Narratives
  • Resilience Across the Life Span
  • The Psychology of Dysfunctional Democracy
  • Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • Knowing What We Want by Arguing With Ourselves
  • Neurobiology of Addiction

Continuing Education

(2010 – 2011)

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Techniques and Protocols Specific for Treating GAD, OCD, Addictions, Impulse Control and Eating Disorders, MDD, Bipolar Disorders, ADHD, and Co-morbid Disorders, and PTSD.

Continuing Education

(2008 – 2009)

  • Ethics and Laws for the Helping Professional
  • Preventing Medical Errors for Mental Health Professionals
  • Domestic Violence Update
  • Spirituality and Care of the Soul in Psychotherapy
  • His Brain/Her Brain
  • Overindulged Children and Conduct Disorder: Treating Overindulgent Families

Continuing Education

(2006 – 2007)

  • Bipolar Disorder: A New Slant on The Disorder
  • The Mentally Ill Offender: Assessment and Treatment Using Forensic Psychology Skills
  • Parenting with Love and Limits: How To Train Parents of Defiant Children and Teens
  • Tools to Assist The Dying, The Grieving and Those Who Love Them
  • Couples Counseling: Effective Techniques to Create Harmony and Strengthen Relationships

Continuing Education

(2005 – 2006)

  • Resolving Family Conflict: Innovations, Initiatives and Advanced Skills
  • Self-Injurious Behavior: Assessment, Treatment and the Recovery Process
  • Art Therapy and Anxiety: Healing Through Imagery
  • Turning Bullies Into Buddies: A Quick, Powerful and Fun Way to Teach Kids How to Stop Being Victims
  • The Truth About Children and Divorce, Anxiety Disorders: Research, Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Crisis Debriefing for Youths and Adults: Effective Techniques to Help
    Survivors of Crises
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: The Basics of Helping People Get Better
  • Autism: “Building Bridges from Isolation to Interaction”, Multiple Perspectives on Children’s Learning, Behavior, and Development
  • Ethics and Laws for the Helping Professional, Preventing Medical Errors for Mental Health Professionals, Domestic Violence Update

Continuing Education

(2003 – San Diego Psychological Association, San Diego, California)

Attended the following for licensure requirements:

  • California Psychology Law and Ethics Update and Review
  • Child Abuse
  • Human Sexuality
  • Chemical Dependency

Continuing Education

(2001 – Florida Psychological Association, Tallahassee, Florida)
Attended the following for licensure requirements:

  • Treating Domestic Violence
  • School Violence
  • Current Legal and Ethical Issues Applicable to Florida Psychologists
  • Prevention of Medical Errors

Rorschach Basic Skills Workshop

(2000 – Florida Psychological Association, Tallahassee, Florida)

Attended an 18 hour workshop over several weeks on scoring and interpretation of the Rorschach using the Exner scoring system.