Young people don’t know what age is, and old people forget what youth was.”
~ Proverb

For many, the teenage and college years are the most confusing, turbulent times of our lives. And yet, the potential benefits of therapy are often ignored for young people at these pivotal moments in their lives.

Stresses for college age and teenage kids are plentiful. They are old enough to have developed their own opinions and ideas about the world, but their brains are (literally) still developing. Conflicts among siblings can also become more pronounced, as each seeks to develop their unique identities. Parenting skills that were once effective have to change to offer appropriate independence, while still providing children with the security and support young adults require. Peer influences and media susceptibility become more pronounced as young people attempt to make decisions about their future careers, romantic lives, friendships, and more.

Dr. Scheckner is a licensed family therapist with a positive, open-minded approach to teen and young adult therapy. She can help young people and their parents cross barriers to communication. And she can help young people direct their developing minds in positive ways, helping them to become confident, healthy, and aware as they learn and grow.

Dr. Scheckner discusses teen fighting: