When you go to a medical doctor, the doctor can usually give you a diagnosis as well as concrete steps to solve your problem, such as “take an antibiotic, get lots of rest, and call me in the morning .” However, the therapy process is not that simple. The mind is very complex and it takes time to “peel back the layers of the onion.” Meaning, the issues you are currently experiencing have affected you for many years and thus, you will need time to change. Dr. Scheckner will help you gain insight into the patterns in your life and support you to actively change your behavior.

Consistency of Sessions

Dr. Scheckner will evaluate the severity of your issues during your initial evaluative session and collaborate with you on treatment goals and plan of action. In order to benefit from therapy, consistent weekly sessions are always highly recommended. Sometimes twice a week sessions are recommended for cases involving more than one family member, couples counseling, parenting skills, and other issues. Dr. Scheckner individualizes her recommendations based upon your unique set of circumstances in order to best facilitate growth. Sessions last 45 minutes.


When choosing a therapist, your comfort with the therapist as a person is of the utmost importance. It is normal to have difficulty sharing without feeling judged and it takes time to really show the therapist who you really are through the experiences in your life. This is another reason consistency is vital in terms of benefiting from therapy. This is especially true for adolescents and children. As sessions continue, the rapport that is built between you and Dr. Scheckner will be the foundation that allows your mind to slowly relax and open so all issues come to the surface.

The “Stigma” of Therapy

In today’s society, it’s okay to go an optometrist to check our eyes, a dentist to check our teeth, and even a mechanic to check our car, but it is not okay to go to a psychologist to “check” our brain? Did you ever think about what would happen if you broke your arm when you were eight years-old, but never put it in a cast? Well, the mind endures trauma almost every day of our lives, yet a lot of people feel weak or scared to be viewed as “crazy” for seeking therapy. Dr. Scheckner will educate you regarding positive psychology and how therapy is the smartest decision you have ever made!